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  • 112014-09

    Chen Jianfeng: "Honesty real estate" banner

    In 2000 August Chen Jianfeng founded Guangdong Yuanbang Co。 Ltd, after ten years of effort, the development of a single growth of construction enterprises for real estate development oriented, with other subsidiary business supplemented by a concentric circle management integration of large enterprise groups, and listed in Singapore in 2007, the year 2010 the ten Guangzhou real estate brand。?

  • 112014-07

    Live Jianbu collect research results: the property market regulation will not stimulate not suppress

    Abstract: the Department of housing market regulation "not collect research results, not to suppress the" stimulus "respect the laws of the market" will become the next stage of the basic policy caliber, the local government to develop targeted policy power will also be respected

  • 112014-07

    Years or over 30 city will cancel the purchase

    Abstract: yesterday, Hohhot City real estate development supervision and management department issued the document, announced the cancellation of the purchase, thus become the official confirmation cancelled the first city home limited. However, at 3 pm, the document has been withdrawn. Analysis says, more than 30 city purchase limit would cancel during the year.