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Ministry of Housing: New housing industry to increase the proportion of 2% per year
Source:    Publish Time:2014-09-11

Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will introduce policies to promote the modernization of the construction industry, and to identify a number of development goals, one of which is by way of industrialization started the construction of a new residential area to increase the proportion of each year, an increase of 2 percentage points per year。

In a recent "National Project Quality Management for two years teleconference action", the Deputy Minister of Housing and Urban Ning disclose the above information。

Ning said the Department of Housing and Development Program is developing a modern construction industry, initially identified development objectives are: to the end of 2015, except for a small number of provinces in the west, the other places should have the appropriate size of the component production capacity; government investment and affordable housing project to build the first to adopt this approach; way with industrialization started construction of a new residential area proportion increases every year, an increase of 2 percentage points per year。

"Localities should also clear short and long term development goals of the region, coordinating the introduction of tax relief, financial subsidies and other support policies to create conditions for promoting the construction industry modernization。" Ning said。

He believes that in the initial stage of the construction industry modernization, social awareness is not strong enough, user acceptance is not high enough, we must rely on government guidance, driven policies。 All localities should focus on cultivating a number of engineering design, component production, construction and installation of the integration of leading enterprises, the formation of industry alliances。

China Construction Industry Association Vice Chairman and General Wu Tao recently wrote that in 2013 the national construction industry output value has reached 15.9 trillion yuan, the proportion of value added of construction of nearly 7 percent in the total GDP。 We can say that the construction industry has become a pillar industry of the national economy veritable。 But we also see that, on the whole construction industry is still a labor-intensive traditional industries。

What is the basic meaning of modern construction industry? Wu Tao said that, at present, the study of the modern construction industry still start them, there is no uniform standard。

Wu Tao said, the moment, the basic content is the modern construction industry: the ultimate green products; building production industrialization; lean construction process; whole industry chain integration; project management internationalization; management executives professional and industrial workers skilling。