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Chen Jianfeng: "Honesty real estate" banner
Source:    Publish Time:2014-09-11

In 2000 August Chen Jianfeng founded Guangdong Yuanbang Co。 Ltd, after ten years of effort, the development of a single growth of construction enterprises for real estate development oriented, with other subsidiary business supplemented by a concentric circle management integration of large enterprise groups, and listed in Singapore in 2007, the year 2010 the ten Guangzhou real estate brand。

Famous real estate Yuanbang estate development have Yuanbang yuan, Yuanbang, aviation homes, Yuanbang, moon garden, Nanchang green lake Ho City, Yuanbang bright moonlight starlight floor, Yuanbang moon Gold Coast, Yuanbang, picturesque scenery, 1000 Yuan Sheng crafts professional market, West Long Chengzhongcun transformation projects, investment 3000000000 Yuan of Wanyuan City, Sichuan the eight Taishan Province comprehensive development of Longtan River National Geological Park project。

Chen Jianfeng have great originality, the industry greening concept to rise to the "original ecological forest" height ", invested heavily in the state。 Aviation homes "community building 14000 square metres of" light, water, green "private garden theme -- also SOM River, Forest Park, offers great natural oxygen bar owners, also SOM River Forest Park" Lin Xi Guan Yu "has been named as a" new Yangcheng eight scenic spots "; invested 12000000 yuan in" a state。 European style lobby built over five Stars Hotel of the first layer of moon garden "commercial residential building, for the owners to enjoy the high quality of noble life。

Chen Jianfeng dare be a person first, put forward the state estate "housing ten year free warranty" commitment, this is a long-term brand effect, is a kind of intangible assets accumulation。 Deeply influenced by the traditional culture of the Chinese Chen Jianfeng, a long time, the life of traditional cultural ethics as the enterprise ethics in the first, in the enterprise development process, Chen Jianfeng has been studied as a construction stage of socialism Chinese characteristics, the private enterprise how to promote political civilization and moral culture to guide the private enterprise management new pattern the main。 Chen Jianfeng often says: "to do real estate this line, morality is far more important than economic benefits。" Therefore, he is dedicated to the society with high quality products, and actively helping the poor, participate in social welfare undertakings, all sectors of the community to donate about 11000000 yuan。

Chen Jianfeng first put forward the "housing industry ten years free warranty", and the practice until now。 In the current real estate market in the purchase traps It is often seen。, lack of honesty, credit crisis hit when the state credentials, quality products and honest and trustworthy business to create a "brand, the integrity of the real estate" in the property market downturn tree up a flag。

Title: Guangdong Guangdong Province state chairman, CPPCC Standing Committee, Chinese private economy in 2008 ten big influential man, vice president of chamber of Commerce of Maoming Guangdong Province

ANA: real estate this line, morality is far more important than economic benefits。