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Non first-tier cities easing "home purchase" at just the right time
Source:    Publish Time:2014-07-11

Relax restrictions to save the property market temporarily, but its intensity andtime are limited. However, because of the lifting of the purchase order, may cause a rebound is limited, so the lift at just the right time. Of course, Kita Kamihiro may not in the lifting of restrictions on column.

Guangxi Nanning City Housing Authority recently issued a document called, from this month 25 days, Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone Beihai, Fangchenggang,Qinzhou, Yulin, Chongzuo residents family, may refer to the family policy inNanning city residents purchase in Nanning city. This is the first official release ofthe purchase of adjustment document, known as the local government to save the property market restrictions "is restricted to" the first gun.

In Nanning Bureau issued the same day, Tianjin Binhai efferent will implement different restriction; at the same time that Hangzhou five one will relax after the purchase of the property market. Anyway, have been strictly enforced for four years, the property market "is restricted to", began to loosen.

Although, the strategic position of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone obviously,to speed up the economic zone heat ascension, easing Nanning purchase policyto relieve administrative lock, it is necessary to release the economic circle ofpurchasing power. However, including the Guangxi Nanning, governments around the world, in recent years has being lifted "is restricted to" impulse,contains a more or less land finance knot.

According to the "23 provinces land financial dependence degree ranking"report, Guangxi ranked 12, ranking the first in Zhejiang, 66.27% of the debt to rely on the land transfer income to repay, is the three to last in Gansu, Hebei,Shanxi, also have at least 1/5 rely on the land to pay off the debt. Therefore, in the face of all the property market downturn, the subjective dynamic local governments to save the property market. However, individual property marketrestrictions are able to save the world of the property market, it is another question.

The purchase order was in 2010 April, the specified uniform 40 key city real estate macro-control policy implementation. It is to a large extent, control had been cautioned prices. However, it is the administrative intervention in the marketbehavior. Although can inhibit the market temporarily, but can not suppress the market forever, but does not change the internal market supply-demand relationship.

Besides, the purchase order in a certain range, in fact, is to limit the scope of themoney to buy goods, is essentially a conflict with the basic law and the market economy system. The bigger question is, the purchase order can not change theinternal market supply-demand relationship, so in the purchase of that practice is only a temporary suppression, procrastination, accumulated in commodity prices.Once the purchase order release, depressed prices will rebound, may form a new fluctuate.

Perhaps it is because see the internal market rise factors are restricted tosuppressed for four years, the local government and observers believe that liftingthe purchase order, rising factors released can save now showed sluggish stateof the property market. However, the basic supply and demand status of the released rise may not be enough to change the current most area of the property market, but not enough to change the background China economy.

Therefore, easing restrictions can save the property market temporarily, will bring to the market a little stimulation, but its intensity and time are limited. However,because of the lifting of the purchase order, may cause a rebound is limited, so now most of the local Chinese lifted restrictions at just the right time.

Of course, Kita Kamihiro may not in the lifting of restrictions on column. Because of the impact on the market demand, market liquidity and investment channelsand other factors, North Canton market current relationship between supply and demand is not balanced, the prices of factors still exist, the prices and the general public income ratio is far from matching. The property market is a regional, there is not a unified Chinese property.