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Market operators

Brief introduction of Guangzhou foreign market management Co. Ltd.

Guangzhou Yuanbang Market Management Company Limited is the Guangdong foreign real estate development company limited, a wholly owned subsidiary, is a professional business management company, a commercial real estate investment, planning, operations as a whole。

The company was founded in 2013, is currently under the jurisdiction of the foreign technology city project has been successfully operated for two years, is located in the South Chinese largest ceramic jade crafts distribution market, Guangzhou City Hall selected "Guangzhou characteristics of the ten major commercial street" one Yuan Sheng ceramic craft Jade Street Center, mainly engaged in various kinds of classical arts and crafts wholesale and retail, is a state real estate business benchmarking work。 Since opening in 2012 a high-profile national origin, thousands of businesses in the strength, the formation of jade, bronze, wood carving three leading industries wholesale confluence, attract from all over the country and even the whole world buyers。 At present, foreign technology city project the annual turnover of up to 2000000000 yuan。

Company existing staff 30 people, has a forge ahead, constant innovation, the courage to fight the management team。 Companies adhering to the "customer service, to win the trust of customers" service concept, the business plan, innovation and quality of service has won the vast number of customer support and recognition。

Foreign real estate as a prospective Business Companies, Guangzhou Yuanbang market operation and Management Co。, laid the cornerstone of foreign business groups, overall management work in the future will form a commercial Group Holding Companies responsible for the commercial project nationwide。 Looking to the future, Guangzhou Yuanbang Market Management Company Limited will continue to be professional, high quality service for customers to provide better business management experience, to create greater value for customers, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win efforts。