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YuanBang?Hang Kong Jia Yuan

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YuanBang?Hang Kong Jia Yuan is our second completed development projects, is a mixed commercial and residential development project by more than 14 seats to the 12-story high-rise 16-storey residential component, comprising 918 residential units and 67 commercial shops, 311 parking spaces The total area of 34,398 square meters, with a total construction area of about 127,999 square meters. Aviation homeland won many awards, including the "National Quality Engineering Award", "Guangzhou's first double top ten beautiful estate," "The First Guangzhou property market Eight selection of garden landscape estate - Forest Creek Immersió" and many other awards.

YuanBang?Hang Kong Jia Yuan started in August 2001 and completed in June 2005. We get pre-license in May 2002, and began selling aviation homes in May 2002.