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YuanBang?Ming Yue Xing Hui

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YuanBang?Ming Yue Xing Hui project is located in Wenchang Road, Liwan District, 242-272, by the Guangdong Yuan Bang Property development and construction group. Will Lingnan style, building a big house with modern Western customs, and be innovative in the apartment space design. The offer is subject to a large family-based, there are 50-60 square meters of small duplex. Volume of about 300 units.

A total of six 27-storey residential: a total of A, B, C, D, E, F Building, A to D Block for two ladder four, F Building for two ladder six (E Building no foreign sales), residential utility rate of 78%. Item 2 underground floors for parking, ground 1-3 layers of shopping malls, four layers of overhead layer, 5-27 layers for residential, of which 27 are double layer of large units. Leveling unit area from 90 to 200 square meters, most of a ladder one dominated by large units, households have private home garden, comes luxuriously furnished. The top for air villas.