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Company Profile

Guangdong Yuan Bang property Development Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as Yuanbang  real estate) was founded in 1998, after 16 years of steady development, always adhere to the "quality built home" of the enterprise purpose, through the development of the industry scale and capital integration, has been formed toresidential real estate industry, the real estate business,tourism, hotel, real estate development real estatemarketing planning, market management anddevelopment of the industrial layout, owned 21 wholly owned and holding companies, employees are from across the industry elite, including doctoral graduate,senior engineers and other professional and technical personnel。

Yuan Bang property uphold the principle of "advocating life civilization" concept, refine on the real estate product quality, advocacy and practice of health, civilized,comfortable living environment, the concept of "civilization"shine all projects in foreign real estate development, the success of the element state, picturesque scenery,Yuanbang • moon garden, Yuanbang moon, Xing Hui •moon, foreign waterfront, Yuanbang, green lake Ho City,state, Renjiedeling, Yuanbang, social commitment, Yuan Bangyuan, Yuanbang • moon Gold Coast, a State Aviation homes, many fine properties, the total development areaof about 3000000 square meters。 At present, foreign real estate footprint throughout Guangzhou, Huizhou, Weihai,Nanchang, Wanyuan, Tonghua and other large and medium-sized city, formed with Guangzhou as the core,the surrounding area as the focus gradually to thestrategic pattern of the national radiation。

Foreign real estate 16 years accumulate steadily,continuously enhance brand influence, initiated in the national real estate industry and the practice of "ten year warranty", so that the integrity of real estate for the first time said of a great teacher, for many years was the "Guangdong Province integrity demonstration enterprise" award, in 2005 became the "China real estate enterprise 200 strong", the development of many projects won the"trusted consumer market", "the most influential real estate" and other awards。 So far, foreign real estate to the integrity of the real estate and quality real estate Chinaimage in real estate the most influential enterprise in a position。

In the operation of the capital, foreign real estate in May 9, 2007 successfully listed in Singapore Stock Exchange(Stock Code: CHINA YUANBANG:B2X), a new layout strategy to achieve global capital integration, taking thecapital operation of big step, and further enhance theirliving places and competitiveness, promote enterprisemore public, marketization, internationalization。

In the development of foreign real estate and drink from the source, at the same time, don't forget to return society, shouldering the social responsibility of corporate citizenship, pay attention to people's livelihood, join the public welfare, charitable donations to disaster relief,poverty alleviation, education field, sports, culture, health,environmental protection etc。。

16 years to cultivate, foreign real estate and strive tobecome a local landmark projects to build each project, so that more people live a more high-quality living life。 The glory of the past spur us to dream of a better future,foreign real estate will be according to the fixed strategy goal, the precision of the decision, maintain high speed development trend and robust, and strive to become a strong, scientific management, and constantly improve the level of operation and management, brand influencecontinued to modern enterprises enhance, as Chineseliving ideal, as Chinese city urbanization, and work hard for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation great dream!